The Book of Tobit

The Book of Tobit

Adaptation by Alan Nafzger


Many Bibles contain the Book of Tobit, what tells the booklet of Tobit and his relations, who are living as exiles from Israel after the Assyrian conquest. It was situation underneath 8th century BC, exceptionally was probably primary written down about 200 B.C.  An Aramaic version was discovered under the Dead Sea Scrolls, exceptionally prior to that it was known from Greek and Latin manuscripts. It is included in the Bible via the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Old Testament.


I have background my adaptation below 1930s Amsterdam. Tobit is a pious Jew and the film culminates with the NAZI invasion. The audience willpower of itinerary know Tobit resolve die at the close; they’ve glance at the bible. But, the doubt determination stay dedication he die since the Nazi invasion or motivation he hang about carted off to Auschwitz.

It is a Jewish textbook. If the producers don’t want to title the film Tobit, then Eight Jewish Weddings and a Funeral would book as well.  Tobit or a very determination help the largest most likely box office.

Through a series of events, Tobit goes blind and sends his teenager on a move accompanied by the angel Raphael disguised as a human.

And really, primarily Tobit’s story is that of Sarah, daughter of Tobit’s closest relative. Sarah’s seven successive husbands are each killed by a demon on using their wedding hours of darkness. The marriages are not consummated. When Tobit and Sarah pray to God for deliverance, God sends the angel Raphael to act as intercessor. God sends Raphael to heal Tobit’s blindness and also to deal with Sarah’s demon.

Dramatically, there isn’t much bigger potential. Eight weddings, seven demonic murders, a good man who has lost his vision, two families whose futures are on the brink, an epic fight amongst an angel and a demon. AND ALL OF THIS, on the eve of the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands.



Sarah – the bride

Tobias – the groom

Tobit – the father of the groom

Anna – the mother of the groom

Raguel – the father of the bride

Edan – the mother of the bride

Gabael – the banker

Raphael – Angel

Asmodius – Demon

Ahikar – Government official.



I recently did a survey of 102 Los Angeles casting directors and found 22 who used to be Catholic and general with the literary and asking within sight to list having their most excellent five choices for the role. And a whopping 18 of nearby listed Mel Gibson as their earliest choice. Two listed Mel Gibson as with your second choice. Janet Dailey at Daily Casting New advancement underneath Beverly Hills told me, “Mel Gibson is Catholic and certainly a good actor, awfully he’s an exceptional director and an extraordinary producer. When you hire Mel Gibson, this movie is a lock.”


Worldwide there are about 900 million Catholics (including Mel Gibson) and 280 million Orthodox Christians who’ve grown up with the Old Testament book and are prevalent with it.  They resolve buy tickets or tributary Tobit. Even Protestants, I believe, will attend the film if it is properly marketed as a faith-based film.


According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “The Booklet of Tobit, named after its principal character, combines Jewish piety and morality with folklore below a fascinating booklet that has enjoyed wide popularity beneath both Jewish and Christian circles. Prayers, psalms, and words of wisdom, as well as the skillfully constructed e-book itself, provide valuable insights into the faith and the religious milieu of its unknown wordsmith. The story was probably written early below the second century B.C.; it is not known where.”


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