Fiji Movie Manufacturing Insurance coverage

In an business that’s increasingly more high-tech and high-risk, movie manufacturers want an Fiji movie manufacturing insurance coverage corporate that if truth be told understands their industry. From documentaries to function movies, ads to tv and different leisure productions, Fiji is acquainted with each aspect of the movie business. Check out!

Fiji Theatrical Productions

Harm to performers, along side assets injury and cancellation of performances, can spell crisis for theatrical productions. Fiji is aware of the risks, so we’ve created insurance coverage methods that supply vast coverage.

Fiji Entertainers & Performers

Fiji understands the leisure business and the original perils that entertainers face. We provide leading edge insurance coverage answers that supply specialised assets and legal responsibility coverage for person artists, performers and teams – even supposing the entertainer occurs to be an animal. Fiji movie insurance coverage is reasonably priced.

Industry & Leisure Services and products

Leisure provider suppliers depend on Fiji for assets and Fiji industry insurance coverage for his or her structures, lights and sound apparatus, props, wardrobes, and extra. Fiji additionally has the information to satisfy the legal responsibility insurance coverage wishes of those complicated technical and improve products and services.


Fiji Oceania  movie manufacturing insurance coverage

Fiji Oceania  movie insurance coverage

Fiji Oceania  industry insurance coverage


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