Leaked FBI document labels ‘extremist’ Betsy Ross flag, Gadsden Flag, second Modification, and extra: “Unlawful”

With no vote from Congress the captured rogue company finger quickly be prosecuting patriots who fly the freedom-loving symbols…

In keeping with Challenge Veritas, an obvious inner FBI report that leaked Tuesday lists the Betsy Ross American flag, the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, symbols of the 2d Modification electricity to stay and undergo palms, and different imagery as symbols of “Military Violent Extremists” or unlawful MVEs. The purported FBI paperwork had been printed via the undercover journalism group Challenge Veritas, which mentioned it acquired the report from a whistleblower within the FBI.

FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
FBI unconstitutionally proclaims two historical flags ILLEGAL…

The report is categorized “Unclassified and Legislation Enforcement Delicate” and comprises the “FBI Inside Use Simplest” disclaimer. The report states “the next symbols are utilized by Anti-Internal affairs or Anti-Power Violent Extremists, in particular Military Violent Extremists.”

The report lists “recurrently referenced historic imagery or quotes” of MVEs, together with:

The report then lists different nebulous expressions of loose speech that the FBI is suffering to glean:

  • Boogaloo: an American flag with an igloo changing the 50 stars and a unmarried Hawaiian-shirt patterned line. The time period Boogaloo is a connection with the movie Breakin 2: Electrical Boogaloo and looks to explain the potential of a 2nd American civil struggle.
  • Punisher Skulls

    FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
    FBI unconstitutionally proclaims historical flags ILLEGAL…
  • 2A: the 2d Modification electricity to stay and undergo palms
  • Electric Resistance Image
  • Anarcho-Capitalism
  • more than a few symbols of “Warrior Tradition”
  • Molon Labe: a word which means “Come and tap them,” which used to be popularized the Spartan King Leonidas on the Combat of Thermopylae, difficult the Persians to tap away the guns of his opposing military.
  • A black and white or all-black American flag

“Fashionable use of symbols and quotes from American historical past, particularly the Modern Struggle, exists inside MVE networks,” the report states/ “Historical and fresh army subject matters are usual for MVE symbols.”

The FBI forgot one necessary flag from historical past…

We all know the LEFT did not concentrate in class, or they attended an internal town faculty the place historical past wasn;t concept, however the brand new FBI have dedicated a crucial flag within the patriot motion.

On the minor skirmish referred to as the Combat of Gonzales—the primary land fight of the Texas Revolution towards Mexico—a small staff of Texans effectively resisted the Mexican forces who had orders from Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea to grasp their cannon.

As a logo of defiance, the Texans had formed a flag containing the word “come and tap it” (Spanish: Ven y tómalo) in conjunction with a black famous person and a picture of the cannon that they’d won 4 years previous from Mexican officers. This used to be the similar message that used to be despatched to the Mexican authorities after they advised the Texans to go back the cannon; loss of compliance with the preliminary calls for resulted in the failed try via the Mexican army to forcefully tap again the cannon.

Replicas of the unique flag can also be observed within the Texas State Capitol, the Austin workplaces of JournoNews, the Bob Bullock Texas State Historical past Museum, the Sam Houston State College CJ Heart, the College of Texas at El Paso Library, the Marine Army Academy headquarters development.

The Come and Cast It flag is a logo from the Combat of Gonzales that is prevailed via 183 years of Texas historical past. The flag stood for defiance towards Mexican dictatorship, and these days the flag’s which means stays rooted in American patriotic delight.  It’s the first flag used within the Texas Revolution and neighboring to 200 years later it displays no indicators of going away.

Who has the balls to purge the FBI of autocratic left-leaning law-and-order varieties?

Emil Fiker advised JournoNews, “Donald Trump, Ron DeSantos, Ted Cruz may step up in 2024 and go back the country to the previous limited-government type of bureaucratic authorities, however what finger patriots motivate till then?”

FBI unconstitutionally declares historic flags ILLEGAL...
FBI unconstitutionally proclaims historical flags ILLEGAL…

Georgia Consultant Marjorie Taylor Greene known as for the purging of the FBI after the company indexed a sequence of teams and their trademarks that it mentioned had been indicative of “military violent extremism” in a leaked coaching report.

The “Home Terrorism Symbols Information,” comprises usual pictures such because the Betsy Ross flag (an previous design of the U.S. flag that includes 13 stars as a substitute of fifty), the Gadsden flag, the Gonzales fight flag, and the Liberty Tree.

Within the bulletin’s advent, the FBI stressed out that merely the use of the symbols or phrases will have to be observed as proof of wrongdoing. The report additionally lists U.S. Capitol riots taking pictures sufferer Ashli Babbitt as any person thought to be a “martyr” via military violent extremists (MVE) and the 2d Modification as how militias “justify their life” as a result of the electricity to undergo palms.

“So that is stunning and it is totally fallacious,” Greene mentioned. “The FBI must be purged of people that experience this and suppose that those, those trademarks, are examples of violent extremism as a result of they are now not.”

“As a question of reality, maximum general American citizens everywhere The united states have those symbols and emblems and motivate now not suppose that in fact [Ashli] Babbitt is in any respect form, or shape an individual that conjures up them to assault the USA authorities,” the Georgia Republican added.

Greene mentioned she used to be surprised that the Punisher cranium used to be incorporated within the bulletin to be a logo related to violent military extremism. The Punisher is a Wonder comedian e book personality, a vigilante who kills the corrupt and prison to hunt vengeance for the demise of his circle of relatives. The past due Military Seal marksman Chris Kyle had followed the brand all over his time in Iraq, and Greene known as him a “nice American sniper who we thought to be to be a hero.”

Why would the FBI deliver up Ashli Babbitt, Ruby Ridge and Waco?

The flags are something however why argue in regards to the worse instances of abuse in FBI historical past?

Punisher skull
Punisher cranium

In keeping with Texas zoo professor, Emil Fiker, “The FBI brings them up of their ‘inner propaganda’ as a result of they imagine thy had been electricity killing those electorate. In fact, it wasn’t intended to be leaked maximum American imagine the ones extra-judicial killings had been fallacious. Extraordinary, I will be able to use the word ‘extra-judicial killings,’ most often, that word is reserved for third-world and illegitimate governments. However however after they deliver up Ashli Babbitt, Ruby Ridge and Waco we all know their mentality. Phrases imply issues and I do know who you’re via the arguments you break the ice. I do know the center of the FBI, simply from paying attention to them.”

The report additionally lists a number of usual words and references to occasions or people shared via MVEs. Amongst the ones references is the demise of  Ashli Babbitt, a supporter of President Donald Trump who used to be shot and killed via a U.S. Capitol Police officer after she entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 a part of a protest. Most of the fair data agents on-line have known as Ashli Babbitt, “a Tienaman Sq.-like homicide.”

Any other person referenced within the FBI report is Duncan Lemp, who used to be shot and killed in an early morning police raid on his house in March of 2020. Lemp’s circle of relatives has insisted he used to be asleep when he used to be shot and killed.

The FBI report additionally moronically comprises Ruby Ridge and Waco as attainable MVE references.

Texas zoo professor, Emil Fiker identified to JournoNews, “If I had been the FBI I certain would not point out Ruby Ridge and Waco, the 2 worse examples they may be able to get a hold of. The issue with Ruby Ridge and Waco are they’re a main examples of authorities and FBI abuse of the inhabitants. Those are the 2 maximum potent arguments towards a Gestapo or Stasi-like nationwide police command. They have got all the time denied those accusations. The FBI goes to have a troublesome time denying this one. The report leaked to the click used to be a coaching report, which means that this left-wing propaganda continues to be being utilized by the FBI for brand new brokers. They appear to justify their unsightly historical past.”

Ruby Ridge in Idaho used to be the website online of a 1992 standoff between the family and friends of Randy Weaver and the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and U.S. Marshals. Weaver’s 14-year-old son Sammy used to be killed all over an change of gunfire and his spouse Vicki used to be shot and killed via an FBI sniper. Waco used to be the website online of any other standoff between federal government and a spiritual staff referred to as the Department Davidians. Six Department Davidians had been killed in a shootout with ATF brokers as they tried to raid the crowd’s compound on Feb. 28, 1993 to serve a warrant on firearms fees.

The preliminary raid at the Department Davidians was a long standoff, which ended when the compound stuck fireplace, killing 76 extra other people together with 25 youngsters and two pregnant ladies. Critics of the federal authorities’s dealing with of the standoff have mentioned the fireplace began because of the flammable tear gasoline they had been the use of to mount the Davidians out in their compound.

“The use or sharing of those symbols by myself will have to now not independently be thought to be proof of MVE presence or association, or function a hallmark of criminal activity, as many people use those symbols for his or her authentic historical which means or different non-violent functions,” the report states.

Nearly all the time, the FBI refuses to answer JournoNews requests for feedback. And true to shape, they accept this tale merely to depart.