Elon Musk Crying?

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What is the Maintain Elon Musk Crying?

Hiya other people, how’s everybody doing this night? Just right? Just right. So, we gotta discuss Elon Musk. You already know Elon Musk, proper? The fellow who makes electrical automobiles, desires to colonize Mars, and it sounds as if…cries so much. Yeah, that is proper. Elon Musk, the Tony Stark of Silicon Valley, cries. And now not simply any cry—a cry with the entire theatrics of a Broadway display.

Elon’s Emotional Rollercoaster: A Go back and forth to Mars and Again

In step with Walter Isaacson’s new biography, Elon Musk is liable to a “sudden collection of emotional breakdowns.” That is proper. The fellow who desires to place other folks on Mars cannot even take care of Earth feelings.

Consider being on a rocket to Mars and learning that the man in price is weeping within the cockpit. “Houston, we’ve got an issue. Our fearless chief wishes a tissue!”

Sci-Fi Visions: Extra Like Tear-Stuffed Visions

I imply, do not get me mistaken. I cry too, particularly once I see my bank card invoice after an Amazon High binge. However Musk’s tears have drama. This man cannot simply be unhappy; he has to move “in point of fact darkish.” What does that even imply? Is he sitting there writing poetry concerning the vacancy of house?

When the Investment Comes Thru, So Do The Tears

Let’s take a little bit tale from Christmas Eve 2008. Musk used to be frantically securing investment for Tesla. The instant the deal went via, he broke down in tears. I am getting it, Elon; all of us cried after we in spite of everything paid off our pupil loans. However in contrast to Musk, we do not hearth other folks for making eye touch!

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The Macho Musk Paradox

The fellow calls for excessive emotional resilience from his employees, but he is the primary to sob on 60 Mins. Image this: You are an worker at SpaceX, and also you pay attention your boss crying in his administrative center. Do you stroll in? Do you console him with an “It is ok, rockets are onerous?”

Daddy Problems in House?

Now, a part of Musk’s temper swings can also be traced again to his father, Errol Musk. It appears, the apple does not fall some distance from the emotionally volatile tree. “You by no means knew what you have been in for,” says the circle of relatives cousin. Seems like a median circle of relatives vacation to me!

Astrology or Astronomy?

And this is the kicker: Elon and his dad percentage the similar birthday. I am not into astrology, but when I have been, I might say that is a purple flag. Cancers, guy. First, they are construction rockets; subsequent, they are sobbing into their helmets.

The Susceptible Aspect of Elon

Now, there may be every other facet to this. Musk being emotional humanizes him, proper? Perhaps he isn’t only a robotic programmed to guide humanity into the cosmos. Or possibly he is an emotional robotic, the primary of its type!

Is It Actual or Simply Some other Startup?

It is so onerous to inform with Musk. One minute he is launching automobiles into house, the following he is weeping about it. And do not even get me began on Neuralink. What if he is simply crying to check his new tear-powered batteries?

Emotional Entrepreneur or Calculating CEO?

So what is it gonna be, Elon? Are you the logical, stone-cold innovator or the emotional rollercoaster in a position to derail at any second? Pick out a lane, guy! As a result of presently, you are riding in each, and it is making everybody else at the freeway frightened!

Stand-alone Jokes and Funny Observations

  1. Elon Musk cries such a lot, he may just more than likely gasoline a rocket along with his tears.
  2. Perhaps SpaceX stands for “House EXpress your emotions.”
  3. Elon Musk, the one CEO who wishes each a CFO and a therapist.
  4. I suppose when Elon Musk mentioned he desires to die on Mars, he intended of a damaged center.
  5. His subsequent mission: KleenX, the one tissue designed to wipe away billionaire tears.
  6. Emotional Musk is sort of a Tesla with temper swings—ecologically pleasant however unpredictably explosive.
  7. If Musk ever is going to Mars, he’s going to more than likely simply take a seat there and cry as a result of it isn’t as purple as he imagined.
  8. Perhaps he is looking to invent a brand new type of power: Emotional Turbulence.
  9. What is subsequent, a brand new SpaceX challenge known as “Tears in House?”
  10. Elon Musk crying over investment is like Invoice Gates crying over a Home windows replace—it is relatable however now not in point of fact.

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